About “POSIT”


I write poems instead of prose,
for it best helps my heart unfold.

The format of poetry is a preferred natural mode of expression for me when I want to integrate ideas with emotions, observations with inner experience, or just play with words. Poetry to me includes patterns of words that are without the restrictions of the rules of language. Sometimes poetry may be written in rhythm and rhyme similar to music, sometimes not, or sometimes both. Without formal constraints, I find the freedom to capture passing phrases as they are created in my thoughts. Those phrases may attract my attention simply for the musical flow of their sounds or because I sense a deeper, unknown meaning within them. In either case, I write them to explore them. As a result, they bring me joy and increased awareness.  If there is a recurring personal quest within many of them, it is my inquisitiveness seeking harmony with my heart. I often ask questions to put forward ideas or make statements with the assumption they are true. This is the reason I use the title “Posit Poems”. “Posit” as a verb means to postulate or hypothesize, whereas in philosophy it is a “statement that is made on the assumption that it will prove to be true.” (Ref: New Oxford American Dictionary)


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