Treasure Found

If one moment from now I were to find
the treasure that is my True Self,
what then?
I already know how to search for it,
seek out books and wise ones.
I know how to probe and gather
and connect and theorize.
I am well practiced in the Art of Questing,
know all the moves of the seeker,
but when have I ever rehearsed being still
in the presence of any Gift?
When I find my treasure
will I know how to replace movement forward
with no movement at all?
Will I have my senses tuned to experience it?
Will I know how to be with it in moments of Now,
gently, reverently, completely?
Will I know how to participate in life with the Gift found
and no Great Search remaining to attend to?
If I were to pretend I already hold the Gift of my True Self,
what insights would be revealed?
Would longing be replaced with acceptance?
Would the answer no longer require the question?
Would I close my books and shred my theories?
Perhaps, after all, it would be just this:
if I were to pretend my True Self is ever present,
I would then realize the actual pretend had been
that it wasn’t.

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