The Creative Realm

To enter the Creative Realm, you must leave behind everything.
Otherwise, when you exit, you will have nothing.
If you do not enter empty, you will not enter completely
  and will risk returning with your preconceptions
  simply dressed up in new distortions.
To enter empty demands we release our hold on what holds us.
We must release our misguided beliefs
  that we possess anything or control anything.
To enter empty demands we must disconnect
  from our pretense of security
  and interrupt the continuity of our memories
  projecting into our future.
Above all, to enter empty demands
  we detach ourselves from fear.
We enter not by passing through a portal
  but by allowing ourselves to become the portal.
The experience of the Creative Realm is a state of being
  that permits restructuring of formless, unidentified energies
  into new probabilities of configurations,
  not simply for novelty,
  but for Truth.
When we exit the Realm, our state of being
  must necessarily contract to our limitations.
We return with a responsibility to use skills unique to ourselves
  to manifest new patterns of connectivity,
  for until we choose to enact our expression of the Truth,
  it will remain a secret even to ourselves.
So we must paint a new painting, mold a new sculpture,
  reason a new theory, take a new measurement,
  make a new machine, compose a new melody, write a new poem,
  dance a new dance, relate a new response, speak a new heart.
In this way, no matter how long our visit, the depth of the Truth,
  or the complexity of our expression of its form,
  we join others who have also returned from the Creative Realm.
Together, we participate in a grand weaving of the great mysteries
  that accelerate the transformation of us all.

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