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The Greed Diggers

B.Luceigh, 3/2018

How can we wake up greed that never sleeps,
greed that rigs and digs,
drills and spills,
extracts and fracks,
pumping the ancient dead
from precious tombs
to profit from life above it
as they create new burial sites
for oblivious buyers of self-destruction?

How can the greed diggers not bulge
from their own overconsumption?
Will they burst themselves one day
from forcing fluid
through fragile plastic and rare metal,
let it bleed across our lands,
across our lack of foresight,
across our descendants?

Will greed only awaken itself
as it coughs up the last drop
that empties our planet
of a gift wasted
and greed has nothing left to dig
but its own grave?