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CoverforWebStuffAs part of the promotion of my new book, “Is It Beautiful? A Journey from Separation toward Unification” I now have another website to add.

First, as a reminder, I have already announced here that I have a blog page at http://www.luceighbeautiful.com .  It has a video of me talking about the book. You can also explore and order the book at that site.

I now also have a Facebook page “Author Betty Luceigh.” I’m adding book-related information there (for example, I have two audio posts). I am in the learning phase of how to run that site. You might need to request an “invite” or to “like” the page so I can invite you. I would appreciate some feedback if you have trouble getting into it. As it is a “business” site, it doesn’t work like a standard Facebook.

I will continue to post on this site as well!