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Happy New Year 2018

Riddled Wholes
© B. Luceigh, 2018

  1. Stillness disappears when sought.
  2. Serve your Self as your main course.
  3. Free will always choses its origin.
  4. The resistance to merge births identity.
  5. Motion-fasting reduces Time-eating.
  6. Do Be more in know-time.
  7. The ground of being coexists with the air of non-self.
  8. There is no edge to an embrace.
  9. To blow on a mirror is to reflect emptiness.
  10. One cannot grasp what has no center.
  11. The summation of every thing is no thing.
  12. The greatest fear is loss of the story.
  13. The greatest freedom is loss of fear.
  14. Existence will survive one’s absence of it.
  15. Beauty creates a new dimension 
    by triangulation with Goodness and Truth.