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FEAR: Birth to Expiration

© B. Luceigh, 1/7/17

Heat of volcano
teeth of lion
venom of snake
prion of beef
killers all
penetrating defenses
of the living.

Innate responses
programmed countermeasures
matter duels with matter
as nature evolves its own life
in reflex survival of identity
formed without fear.


Measurement by humans:
fault-break of Earth
MRI of brain
balance of checkbook
count of bodies
code of gene.

Conscious intelligence
operates with reflex
to imagination
not to certainty,
numbers, probabilities
expand options of future,
excite thoughts
of needless neurons
firing to nowhere
but distraction,
concoct states
unreal in the moment
to birth fears.


Human self-awareness
human self-preservation
human self-dependence
veil truth
of human non-self
as one mind tricks another
one thought distorts another
and fears proliferate.


Reality awaits discovery
of its existence
expressed in forms
expressed in processes
all connected as One,
a space already
where fear expires
into emptiness.