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Reflection on Curiosity
©B. Luceigh, 2016

Questions erupt in techno-minds,
stay just long enough to excite,
or tweet an OMG,
only to expend their neurotransmission
quickly, very quickly,
and leave another dull neuron
in the heap of inanity.

Has technology reprogrammed our curiosity,
taught it to commit suicide on cue:
“You have now exceeded your awareness allocation;
you have three milliseconds before shut down.”

Has the value of curiosity to creativity
been limited to a passing glimpse
as a finger reaches to touch the next icon?
Is the question ever held long enough
for reflection, meaning, novel answers,
long enough for creativity to respond wisely?
Or rather is the question simply used
to taser creativity to any reflex of an idea
without heed of consequence?

Surely none of these is true for the whole of humanity,
for curiosity may move freely
within in the still spaces of awakened beings,
recognizing more quickly recurring themes,
quietly letting go of the out-dated and over-used
in search of a greater depth of inquiry,
in the ultimate longing for creativity’s answer to existence.

For Creativity can never be quelled
and Curiosity ultimately serves no other.