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Betty Luceigh
July 2015

I call out your names, Fears of Mine,
loud and clear for myself to hear:
debilitating disease, dementia, death,
economic collapse, wildfires, more taxes,
loss of income/home/friends/pet/water supply/fingers.

I call out your names, Fears of Humanity,
loud and clear for us all to hear:
beheadings, kidnappings, suicide bombers, nuclear war,
human trafficking, acids on faces, genital mutilation, rapes,
loss of food/water/children/education/medicines.

I call out your names, Fears of Earth,
loud and clear for all living to hear:
drought, floods, deforestation, pesticides,
water pollution, fracking, radioactive dispersal,
loss of topsoil/rivers/gardens/clean air/animals.

Some fears are in progress, others anticipated possibilities,
some existing horrors, others being born in imagination,
all in common leading to our common destruction
whether me, humanity, or Earth.

Still I call out the names of Fear
not to inflate them into Terror,
or to drive us to play dead as we live,
but to give notice of our longings of alternatives
lest together we sleep into our own extinction.

And so I call out fervently our Longings here,
hopeful as I yearn that Fear may learn:
Truth, Beauty, Goodness of Heart,
Kindness, Humility, Courage,
gain of liberation/wisdom/higher consciousness.

I call them forth but then must ask:
why is the list of fears so long to name
while the list of longings
so simple to identify?

(This piece begs me to write another titled “Naming Longings”.)