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Betty Luceigh, Jan. 9, 2015

Can’t sleep tonight.
I keep myself awake asking “why?, why?, why?”
as if an answer would ease me into dreams.
Is it the temperature I need to change?
More blankets…or less?
Fluff my pillow? Open a window?
Roll onto my left side…or maybe my right?
It’s not too bright, no sounds of vehicles,
no skunks fouling the country air.
Still I am awake.

Maybe I really want to be awake this night,
share the peacefulness of its passing moments.
Daytime activities on the other side of the planet
are in progress in foreign lands.
People shopping in open street markets,
children getting ready for school,
businessmen riding high in elevators,
gunfire somewhere, always somewhere.

Maybe warm tea will bring me sleep,
sipping it here on my living room sofa
in the semi-darkness of my flashlight
as I write these words.
My dog has joined me from the bedroom
always ready to comfort me
but still I remain awake, awake,
awake as I make some toast.

Then I see it!
The answer to “why”!
The moon is just rising over the mountain,
it’s light travelling across the valley to my sofa.
I watch the moon move upward with majestic slowness
as clouds play hide and seek
with its presence above the Earth.

I am here, cuddling my moonlit knees,
writing this with flashlight and dog,
wanting to wake up the whole world
to share these precious moments of beauty.

I am now thankful to be awake in this night,
warm tea and toast in my belly,
my dog curled nearby unaware,
my eyes filled with the moon’s slow motion,
one star sharing the sky above it,
this one human seeing it
from this one place, this one time.

Perhaps I will soon fall asleep
but for now I can tell you who were not here
to watch beauty with me,
that I bear witness to Oneness,
to one moment of coexistence with the moon
and with you whom I do not know.

While we humans bring upon ourselves and each other
acts of kindness and brutality,
there is a moon that befriends us all
by simply belonging to none of us
but the planet we share.
And so this next day I share with you
my wakefulness last night
til the moon assured me
it was time to close my eyes
but never my heart
to the others
upon whom it shines.