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A New Year’s Message to Earth, 2015

Dearest Earth,
Every year for billions, each year has been one of yours,
an “Earth Year”. This one is labeled 2015.

At times, Earth, you have displayed your massive power–
hurricanes, tsunamis, volcanoes, droughts, earthquakes.
I, as a human, consider these as disasters to us,
though it seems to be your necessary adjustment
in response to the flow of immense natural forces,
not supernatural wrath.
I, as a human, have wondered if such demonstrations mean
you have no forms of feeling for your creations,
are incapable of experiencing sadness for their destruction at your hands.
I want you, Earth, to care for us humans, but then maybe you are
and it is we who are not doing so well caring for you.

At times, Earth, you have frequently displayed massive tenderness–
continents of misty forests, colorful flowers, skies open to the stars,
birds and loving mammals, moonlight through clouds.
I, as human, have not understood these gifts of yours,
though their exceptional beauty has aroused my affection and gratitude.
You have been patient throughout the years, dear Earth,
for the evolution of human awareness of your complex manifestation of life.

You and I are in a relationship no doubt experienced
quite differently by each of us.
Can we reveal ourselves better to each other
for a more harmonious coexistence?

I want to arise each day aware you have turned me toward the sun again.
I want to thank you for allowing me to borrow your matter now in my body.
I want to help you transfer clean water and nourishment
to the animals and plants.
I want to stand on you, under the shade of your tree,
under your gentle waterfall,
in view of your mountains and oceans,
as a participant in all Earth-life.

I may make careless mistakes, treat you as if nonexistent at times,
pretend your cupboard can never become bare.
But I will never sling my trash across your face and choke your breath,
nor will I disfigure your beauty with tank spills and radioactive waste.

Earth, you are never separate from me
though I will someday separate from you.
I may not know precisely how to express my deep love for you,
but I am ready to listen to your voice through my senses,
demonstrate my respect for your lessons,
and share my desire with other humans
that we learn together to form a lasting, loving relationship.

Betty, Earth Human