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©B. Luceigh, 2005

Thank you, feet, for walking me through life
on trails of mystery and curiosity
and laughter and grief.

Thank you, legs, for kicking me through water,
dancing me through childhood,
running me from dangers,
and wrapping me around lovers.

Thank you, hands, for playing my music,
for turning pages in my books,
and offering gifts from my heart.

Thank you, arms, for carrying my burdens,
and flailing my emotions,
and embracing my loved ones.

Thank you, head, for holding my senses,
for seeing and hearing and tasting and smelling,
and for managing my intellect
to survive in understanding and grow in wisdom.

Thank you, torso, for holding my organs
that let such humanness happen.
Thank you, body, for my physical experience,
and for the constancy of your friendship
as a container of my spirit.
Thank you for giving my soul a temporary form
to realize itself through human consciousness.

Thank you for my physical home
from which to grow in compassion
knowing all others, too, are housed
individually as neighbors in humanity
but collectively as one in divinity.