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©B. Luceigh, October 2014

In a dream I say:

Would you share your eyes
as you talk to me,
direct them toward mine
as you listen?

Would you turn off
your iPhone or iPad
and simply be an “I”
talking to another “I”?

Two humans facing each other,
no OMGs on a screen,
no emoticons or selfies,
no thumbs twitching
from withdrawal symptoms?

Just you and me empty-handed
but not empty-headed or -hearted.
Both of us in a conversation
more than fifty characters long.
Both of us naturally reacting
to the messages living humans
project among our words–
facial muscles sculpting expressions,
hand motions emphasizing meanings,
voice intonations travelling full sentences.

Would you and I not then remind each other
we are not devices, but divine,
living, feeling beings
sharing spacetime
in a precious experience together?

I know this is a dream
for right now I have just typed it
and you will have just read it
on our electronic devices.