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Creating Space in 2014?
Betty Luceigh, January 2014

The idea of creating space in this New Year actually began with drought and deer. The drought has let the warm air flow, as in spaces between river rocks below. Hungry deer, searching green to trim, have made space above my flowers again. But also among the limbs of my trees, the sun shines through spaces left by leaves. Even scarce clouds have opened space in the sky, to view more blue before my eyes.

Then I remembered how I created spaces, those within my nearby places. I trashed unread magazines, donated clothes and books; shredded papers, deleted emails, vacuumed out hidden nooks; discontinued TV service, emptied cookie jars; even disposed electronics and tossed junk inside drawers. 

When that wasn’t enough space to gain, I began to work inside my brain. I deactivated neurons of sadness and guilt, cleared out anger my life had built; ejected repetitive mental tapes, forgave myself for all mistakes; let glia scrub by myelin sheaths and excreted zoloft as my synapses reeked.

Only then I realized why these efforts never cease, though they did offer a genuine sense of relief. I never was creating space out of the air, only clearing or rearranging within space always there! I can only empty old space, not create space itself new; I can only create new patterns within the spaces here to use. Perhaps the universe alone creates space as it expands, so it can fill Emptiness with forms needing new space at hand.

So my New Year of 2014 begins with less confusion, at least about the difference between existence and evolution! My presence exists within Universal Existence, yet I evolve within Nature’s assistance. My role is to process forms of matter or thought, as the Universe expands to create space for what’s sought.

So I’ll create a new order of letters as the New Year starts:
May you “Create Spacing in 2014” and do so with heart.