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Consciousness Awakening on Vimeo by Ralph Buckley

(Photo credit: Ralph Buckley)

This poem (with audio) addresses those thoughts that have not yet made their way into conscious awareness.  Do we have creative thoughts before we are aware of them?

BodySpeaks audio (Click to open Quick Time audio player)

Body Speaks
Luceigh, 8/5/12

Body speaks mind in rhythm and rhyme,
the brain expresses the refrain unconstrained
before it sneaks into consciousness
and shrinks to less.

The body moves the arms and hands and legs,
it moves the mouth to what it says
before awareness can filter mores and meanings
to strip it first of creative streaming
and flavor the raw thought before its release
lest it challenges another’s comfort and peace.

To catch a thought in progress of its birth,
express it unfettered through motions and verse
before language confines it in an alphabet space
of the logic from which it seeks escape
is the race it often, as now,