My inquisitive heart has been tugging at me to move in a new direction I cannot yet see.  This is a reflection about what is going on inside as I search for it.


It is not a future place I long to find
identified by GPS coordinates
located by technical touch
from options on a map already travelled.
This is the source of my confusion
to believe my current longing
is for a path already there
to a place already discovered.
And this is my fear
to believe it is not so
but rather a path yet to create
to a place yet to be discovered.
My memories try to comfort me
by luring me to re-follow trails of past joys
though overgrown with age.
They are ready, these memories,
to assist my answering
but I have not yet 
asked the new question.
So remembrances flood my mind 
with fragments
seeking to create a new form, 
but, having no direction for a shape,
I am left to witness messes of mind
rather than the comfort of creativity.
Let this be my realization:
to dare to ask a question
I have yet to create
thankful for memories
ready to guide the answer.
© Betty Luceigh, 2012