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After exploring some features of memory (primarily in the setting of the “Three Rivers Brain Group”), these thoughts reveal a few reflections that fascinate me.  These are postulates, offered here to stimulate awareness of ourselves. 
Cosmic Consciousness

Cosmic Consciousness (Photo credit: Rainbow Gryphon)

The Ceaseless Now

Could it be true of consciousness that it only exists in the Ceaseless Now, that it is simply our experience of passage through a story being written in sequences of seconds?

Could it be true that memories, whether retrieved as past or anticipated as future, are observable only in the Ceaseless Now, subject to editing upon every retelling, yet believed as true to their origins?

If consciousness and memory have evolved for survival of a human body that only exists in the Ceaseless Now, what better way for consciousness to  be and what better way for memory to be, than together to make past information available to influence present creativity?

Could it be that communication between consciousness and memory is experienced in humans as a “self” that can observe them both, can tell each about the other, direct each in service to the other, a “self” that has emerged to embrace them both for its own existence through the Ceaseless Now?

©B. A. Luceigh, 2012