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Image by B.S. Wise via Flickr

Happy New Year to everyone!  Here is a poem exploring my own question of where I’m going next.  I’m also including an audio of me reading this poem.  Betty
2012:  And Where Will I Go From Here?
B. A Luceigh
And where will l go from here?
A broader community of like minds
not a following, but a sharing of intent
not an end to my gifts, but the completion of them
the fulfillment of who I am and have been
cautious but accepting
knowing where I stand as myself
not a character of another
but as model myself
a stepping stone for those prepared
to explore
through the highest within
in context of the times:
hurried, shallow, flapping in the winds
levitating feet not knowing where to land
bumping and shoving and pushing each other
sticking longer to some, bouncing quickly off many
blending cyberspace with inner space
confusing the boundaries?
Is this the way to a supercommunity
so interwoven that identity of strengths are lost
or diminished to unrecognizable idiocies
for laughing or blaming into oblivion?
Who goes now when people fly in swarms
each only reacting to the one next
not to the greater path of the whole
no one leading but all following
the closest before them
in hope that traveling surrounded will protect
and trust is assumed without wisdom?
Where will I go from here?
In this time of transition within me
will there be transition without me
to offer past lessons to lessen future whimsy
not caring because not owner of oneself
a mush of humanity crushing novelty
creativity, service, generosity, kindness
in a light-speed travel to unformed havens
that replace our myths of heaven
before we are ready to write anew
those evolved from the new generation?
But my mind blurs still
where do I go from here
relic of the past or seer of the future
no force remaining to influence
or all remaining force focused
like a beam for the fragmented ones?
Where do I go from here?
Perhaps quiet for this while
to clarify the visions
of where I will be when there.